Machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions that drive business growth

We develop and integrate ad hoc ML/AI solutions oriented to solve practical business problems
Machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions that drive business growth
We develop and integrate ad hoc ML/AI solutions oriented to solve practical business problems
Machine learning can be used across practically any sector or industry to…
Increase sales
Decrease customer churn
Increase efficiency
Prevent equipment failures
Enhance customer satisfaction
Forecast virtually anything
Detect fraud
Analyze data
Recognize objects
Our ML/AI solutions solve these business problems by:
Categorizing people or things
Predicting likely outcomes or actions based on discovered patterns
Identifying patterns and relationships
Detecting anomalous or unexpected behavior
What we do best
(and what we are usually asked to do)
Deep neural networks
Meta learning
Reinforcement learning
Forecast and recommender systems
Natural language processing
Computer vision, video analytics
Search engines
Data segmentation & clustering
User profiling
How we work
01. Understand
First, we dive deep into your business problem to understand your business objective and how ML can be used to solve it.
02. Define
06. Deploy, monitor, improve
When we understand your business needs, we assess available data assets and resources in order to define a strategy to achieve your objectives.
We collect, analyze, clean up & prepare your data so that it can be used for the project.
Our data science team performs extensive analysis of your data, finds models that best fit your business objectives and the available data, develops a prototype solution, and evaluates the model.
Our engineers develop the selected machine learning model into a production-level solution, then test and evaluate the results of the utility. The best-performing model is approved for further deployment.
Approved models are then deployed and integrated into your work processes. Our integration specialists work closely with your engineers to make sure that the system is properly integrated into your data pipelines and meets your objectives. We continuously monitor efficiency, assess new data, and improve the models to provide even better results.
03. Collect & Prepare
04. Model
05. Develop
Case studies
Forecasting equipment failure
Increasing production processes efficiency
Natural language processing
Computer vision, video analytics
Dynamic pricing
Customer recommendations
Loan scoring
Fraud detection
Industry: Oil & Gas
Industry: Industrial Engineering
Developed a methodology of forecasting failure intervals of the mining equipment for the third largest oil producer in Russia.
Developed a solution for forecasting failures of electric motors for a manufacturer of electric & diesel trains, locomotives & motors.
Industry: Chemicals
Industry: Metals & Mining
Built a solution for forecasting production process shutdown for petrochemicals production.
Optimized production and resource extraction for a gold mining company with assets in Russia, Kazakhstan, Burkina Faso, Guinea and Canada.
Industry: Metals & Mining
Industry: Metal Fabricating
Automated handling of requests for equipment maintenance for the world's second-largest aluminium company.
Automated handling of voice tickets in support system for a leading manufacturer of steel pipes.
Industry: Metals & Mining
Industry: Metals & Mining
Developed a solution for identifying truck numbers in harsh conditions for the world's 17th-largest steel-producing company.
Developed a solution for identifying & sorting ore based on its size for the world's leading producer of nickel and palladium.
Industry: Travel & Tourism
Built a system for forecasting conversion rates of air ticket sales to dynamically adjust pricing for an online travel agency.
Industry: Consumer Digital Services
Industry: Banks
Developed a system that provides travellers with recommendations on places of interest based on their profiles for the largest Russian technology company.
Built user profile-based recommendations system for the third-largest bank in Europe.
Industry: Banks
Developed a solution for providing loan scorings based on unbalanced data sets for a full-service universal bank.
Industry: Banks
Developed an anti-fraud solution for a vehicle insurance branch of a major bank.
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Who we are
200+ ML/AI projects implemented
10 data science engineers in-house
50+ project-based data science engineers
Sergey Fedorov
Andrey Filchenkov, PhD
CTO, Head of the International Laboratory for Machine Learning
Ivan Smetannikov, PhD
Head of Machine Learning Department
Sergey Muraviev, PhD
Head of Data Analysis Department
Vyacheslav Shalamov
Head of High Load Systems Department
Valeria Efimova
Head of Analytics Department
Eugene Ivichev
Nikolay Kovtun
Lead Data Scientist
Alexey Zabashta
Lead Data Scientist
Egor Krasheninnikov
Data Scientist
Svyatoslav Oreshin
Data Scientist
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Tell us how we can help in your project.

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